Our strategic priorities are grounded in three intertwined value domains: excellence in knowledge creation, inspired learning environment, and co-created & engaged Community.

Excellence in Knowledge Creation

  1. Foster research productivity and invest in intellectual and human capacity.
  • Continue to invest in faculty and professional staff across all business areas.
  • Provide incentives that encourage research productivity.
  • Create Centers of Excellence and Endowed Research Chairs and Professorships.
  • Cooperate with RBS Newark/New Brunswick to mentor Ph.D. students.
  • Promote faculty research and visibility.
  1. Design and develop innovative and high quality academic programs.
  • Introduce more career-oriented undergraduate tracks within majors and Focused Learning Modules at the MBA level.
  • Create interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary modules and programs.
  • Plan offerings of interesting and relevant degree and non-degree certificate programs.
  • Explore offering market-driven innovative graduate programs.
  • Promote unique fractional learning modules and customizable and stackable programs.

Inspired Learning Environment

  1. Create a transformational student success environment.
  • Configure all business processes and activities with a student-centric approach from application to graduation.
  • Continue developing Professional Skill Forums, requiring student participation and involvement in the Professional Development Labs, through the Student Experience Center.
  • Develop and foster an ethical and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Focus on early warning systems that identify and flag problems and issues ahead of time to enhance retention and graduation rates.
  • Regularly monitor and measure student success metrics including retention, graduation and placement.
  1. Develop and promote experiential learning.
  • Expand the internship program to include track specific opportunities within majors.
  • Promote relevant industry certifications such as the Bloomberg certification, SHRM, etc.
  • Encourage semester long and short term study-abroad opportunities to both on-campus and online students.
  • Introduce more experiential learning courses and opportunities.
  • Build and expand on the effective Business Leader Development Program (BLDP) and provide more corporate interaction opportunities to students.

Co-Created and Engaged Community

  1. Create and promote a vibrant brand philosophy and identity.
  • Develop the RSBC brand to communicate a clear and distinct positioning.
  • Expand on the successful BTG and RUSE programs to foster access and improve quality and diversity.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion among all aspects of the business school.
  • Recruit and enhance admissions supported by delivering outreach activities for high school juniors and seniors.
  • Create merit, means, and responsibility based scholarship award programs.
  • Build and foster relationships with select international universities for mutually beneficial parallel degree and exchange programs.
  1. Foster community and corporate partnerships and build and grow resources.
  • Explore avenues to work effectively with the growing Camden business community
  • Integrate better the Executive Education and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) units to deliver relevant and mutually beneficial programs to small, medium and large businesses.
  • Continue to build deeper and meaningful relations with alumni and friends of the Business School.
  • Identify passions and Inspire alumni and friends to invest in the school creating Centers of Excellence and building endowments for scholarships and professorships.
  • Continue efforts to rally support and involvement to build the new Business School facilities.