The Accelerated BA/BS-MBA Dual-Degree Program gives highly motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in conjunction with their undergraduate degree.

Program Overview

The program requires undergraduates to plan effectively, accelerate completion of their undergraduate coursework and complete graduate level coursework in the senior undergraduate year; this requires early and thorough planning with students’ major advisor. Dual Degree program candidates are expected to excel in their undergraduate studies and score well on the GMAT or GRE. Early academic advising and planning are keys to success for this program.

Eligible students must have accelerated completion of relevant business core requirements as well as most major required coursework by the end of their third/junior year. Students accepted into the program will enroll in four MBA courses during the fourth/senior year. During the fifth/last year, students must matriculate into the MBA program via the formal graduate admissions process. All Dual Degree program students program must have their bachelor degree conferred prior to their first semester in the MBA program.

Please note that MBA courses taken as an undergraduate student count towards both the undergraduate and graduate GPA.

Program Eligibility

For more detailed information on the program, entrance requirements, the curriculum Flight Plan, and the Program Application, view the BS-MBA Dual Degree Packet

Program Benefits

  • AACSB Accredited programs
  • Access to world-class Rutgers faculty
  • Start your career faster – save up to a year of enrollment time
  • Cost Savings – take up to 12 graduate credits at undergraduate rates
  • Market experience and a professional network are integrated into your academic program