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Business Symposium 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Business & Science Building

The Business Symposium is a conference-style event with speakers from various industries to share their insights with students and invited guests. For 2022, our symposium will feature speakers from various creative industries such as beauty, fashion, fitness, real estate, and more.  We will also feature an expo space (tabletop fair style) featuring student and alumni showcasing their creative products/services. The event will also provide opportunities to network with speakers, guests, and one another. 

11:00 -11:55AM

Welcome &
Keynote Session

Welcome with Dr, Oscar Holmes IV, Associate Dean.

Donyelle Shorter, DS Image Group, gives keynote session, Your Image, Your Brand: Packing Your Essence.

11:00 -11:55AM

12:00 - 12:45PM

Breakout 1

3 sessions to choose from:

Creating a Fitness Business & Preparing for the Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Diva Richards, CEO Hard Work No Excuses.

Power of Real Estate – As a Passive Income Stream with Joshua Maiese, Loan Officer with Nation One Mortgage.

Niche & Profit: Creating Income from What You Have with Nakeara Bond, NKH Salon.

12:00 - 12:45PM

12:50 - 1:35PM

Breakout 2

3 sessions to choose from:

Navigating the Complexity of Careers in the Fashion Industry with Nioka Wyatt, Global Fashion Expert.

Role of the Producer and Finding Careers with Prof. Robert Emmons, Documentary filmmaker.

How to Stay Relevant and the Importance of Consistency with Kaneesha White, Blanche Reign Cosmetics.

12:50 - 1:35PM

1:45 - 2:30PM

Closing Panel Session & Lunch

Panelists include:
Guy Salisch, Restaurant Consultant
Ethan Scarlett, Boxhound LLC TV & Media
Kristen Turner, Buyer at Burlington

1:45 - 2:30PM

2:30 - 3:00PM

Networking Opportunity

2:30 - 3:00PM

11:00AM - 3:00PM

Expo Space Open

11:00AM - 3:00PM

Guest Speaker Profiles

Donyelle Shorter, DS Image Group

Donyelle Shorter, DS Image Group

Donyelle G. Shorter, founder and principal of Donyelle Shorter Image Group –
the premier Image Consulting Firm, established this distinguished company in
2006. She was born with an eye for style and great compassion for helping
people. As early as middle school, she desired to blend out of the crowd by
presenting a creative, yet polished image. Donyelle created a synergy between
her love for fashion and her compassion for helping others by entering into the
impactful world of image consulting.
In the fall of 2003, Donyelle enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology in
New York City and graduated with an image consulting certification in the spring
of 2005. During her matriculation, Donyelle refined her talent of creating
poignant images for both men and women by sitting under the tutelage of
inspirational instructors Pamela Macklin, Creative Principal, Dominique
Isbecque, Image Communications Strategist and Carlton Jones, Celebrity
Fashion Stylist.
Donyelle specializes in molding the appearances and brands of business
industrialists inclusive of CEOs, organizational executives; along with political
powerhouses, professional athletes and entertainers. Donyelle delights in taking
the stress out of getting dressed for her clients, allowing them to project a positive
self-image; empowering them to accomplish their goals through one-on-one
consulting or in a group setting via Donyelle Shorter Image Group’s customized
professional image training seminars. Donyelle’s vast career has produced work
featured in Elle Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Root, South Jersey Magazine and
Vanity Fair.
Donyelle’s belief of “whenever you did this for one of the least important of these
members of my family, you did it for me!” is what propels her into the community.
She volunteers as a mentor with the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission delivering
career enrichment workshops, teaching Fashion 101 and holding monthly
church services with incarcerated teens at various youth facilities throughout
the state. In addition, Donyelle is a community servant through her membership
in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Donyelle earned a Bachelor of
Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural &
Technical State University.

Breakout I:

Diva Richards, BFA

Diva Richards, BFA

CEO & Founder Hard Work No Excuses
Diva Richards is one of the top rising motivational coaches within the east coast region with over 15 years’ + experience within the entrepreneurship sector. As the Founder and President of Hard Work No Excuses, LLC., which includes the 10,000+ sq foot Hard Work No Excuses Fitness Facility located in Marlton, NJ, Hard Work No Excuses fitness apparel line, The Do Work Method Motivational & Life Coaching Program and You vs You Production company, Diva brings real-life success and xperienced guidance to her clients and followers.

“Hard Work No Excuses” has been a driving motto in Richards life from a young age as she grew up in the inner city of North Philadelphia and was raised by a single mother of 6 children, Diva found her safe haven and discipline in the world of dance and fitness. This world instilled self-confidence and a “can do” mentality within and pushed her through Temple University where she graduated in 2002 with a BFA in Dance.

Richards is highly regarded not only within the fitness community nationally with her vast certifications in the industry but as a highly accomplished female business leader who has built a multi-million dollar empire ranging from a full service production company to a state of the art fitness facility along with her recently launched Do Work Method Program. In her Do Work Method Program, Diva brings to her followers and clients motivational and strategic life coaching skills to help those looking to evolve in every aspect of their life to succeed.

By growing up in an underserved community, Diva has made one of her lifelong goals to be in philanthropy by continually giving back to those in need and dedicating her time and resources to: Camden County Animal Shelter, Human
Rights Campaign and the American Cancer Society.

When Diva is not motivating a client to strive for greatness or swinging kettlebells, you can catch her in Vegas or Puerto Rico, reading 48 Laws of Power or watching Cartoon Network while snacking on some brownies (probably protein brownies).

Joshua Maiese, Loan Officer at Nation One Mortgage

Joshua Maiese, Loan Officer at Nation One Mortgage

Josh is a former Graduate from Rutgers Camden University who attended from 2015- 2019 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance. He lived most of his life in Westville, NJ, but currently resides in Blackwood, NJ with his girlfriend Brooke, along with two dogs, Nikko and Betty. Currently a Loan Officer at Nation One Mortgage Corporation that helps clients obtain the dream of homeownership and has been doing so over the past few years. Passionate about educating others about personal finances and current day real estate market conditions.
Has many different aspirations in the future including starting multiple businesses, diving into real estate investing, and helping young individuals achieve financial freedom. Loves to travel to all over the world including a study abroad trip to South Africa with the Rutgers Camden School of Business. Spends most of his days exercising at the gym and spending time with family and friends.

NaKeara Bond, NKH Salon

NaKeara Bond, NKH Salon

NaKeara Bond is licensed cosmetologist of 20 years, salon owner, and beauty consultant. She studied Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Peirce Business College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NaKeara is passionate about equipping women with the tools to be confident with their beauty in the areas of hair, makeup, and skincare. Through her business, Bonded By Beauté, Inc. she provides products and services for healthy hair growth and maintenance as well as educates women on the “how-to’s” of hair care and styling, makeup application and skincare. NaKeara is skilled at teaching the “why” of beauty and how it relates to your brand and everyday life.

Breakout II:

Nioka Wyatt, Global Fashion Expert

Nioka Wyatt, Global Fashion Expert

Nioka Wyatt is currently the Program Director and Associate Professor in the School of Business for the Fashion Merchandising and Management department at Thomas Jefferson University. She is also Chair of the Diversity Action Committee. She has been teaching creative and fashion business courses to undergraduate and graduate students for over fourteen years. Her industry experience at QVC (Qurate Retail Group) and Charming Manufacturing allowed her to travel across Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean to identify the latest trends, merchandise products, and serve as an expert in quality and production. Nioka collaborated with notable brands and retailers on a global scale in apparel, home, accessories, and beauty such as: Li&Fung, Regina Miracle China, Walmart, Amazon, Target, QVC, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Xcel Brands.
Notable Achievements:
Participated in Jefferson Leadership Academy- 10-month executive leadership program
Recipient of 2019 Outstanding Teaching Award
Recipient of 2019 Partnership in Philanthropy Award
Co-author for book Cotton: Companies, Fashion and Fabric of our Lives
Contributing Author for book: The Business of Fashion Reader

Prof. Robert Emmons, Documentary filmmaker

Prof. Robert Emmons, Documentary filmmaker

Robert A. Emmons Jr. is a documentary filmmaker, video essayist, and Associate Teaching Professor of Filmmaking in the Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts at Rutgers University-Camden. From 2016-2020 he was the co-founding Associate Director of the Digital Studies Center. His most recent documentary with partner Joe Tropea is Fugazi's Barber (2021). The short doc is currently playing at festivals throughout the U.S. His feature documentaries include, Sickies Making Films (2019) also made with Joe Tropea, Diagram for Delinquents (2014), Goodwill: The Flight of Emilio Carranza (2007), and De Luxe: The Tale of Blue Comet (2010). His non-fiction video essays have been screened at conferences and symposia around the globe and include X9: CHØOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE (2022), ChiroMANIA (2018), Fake News (2018), and 1 13 5 18 18 25 11 1: An Adaptation of Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse (2016).

Kaneesha White, Blanche Reign Cosmetics

Kaneesha White, Blanche Reign Cosmetics

The Co-Founders of Blanche Reign Cosmetics, Kaneesha and LaTasia, created an unbreakable bond inspired by their love for dance in 2015. Unbeknownst to the Duo, they would be connected in another way: their love for makeup! Kaneesha considered LaTasia her personal baby doll and enjoyed assisting her to look her absolute best at the many social events LaTasia attended over the years. LaTasia grew her love for beauty and glam to become a talented Make-Up Artist based out of North Carolina. Near the end of 2020, the pair had an informal meeting over dinner about starting their own cosmetics line. While trying to create a name for their brand, they began listing some similarities. Ironically, they both share the same maiden name (White) and a love for France. Thus, the name: Blanche Reign Cosmetics.


Guy Salisch, Restaurant Consultant

Guy Salisch, Restaurant Consultant

Guy Salisch has over 40 years of experience bridging the gap between the art and business for culinary and retail organizations. As an accomplished chef who transitioned from culinary to finance, he specializes in improving financial and operational performance through the art of disciplines and financial literacy, balancing operational needs with financial goals and business objectives. Guy's previous clients include The Rainbow Room, Windows on the World, Compass Group., NA and Charlie Brown's Steak House. Guy also directed the financial and accounting functions for the food and beverage operations for world class catering and sporting events including the US Tennis Opens and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Guy received his Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales; studied at Cornell University and Fordham University and attained his Business Management degree in Accounting from New York Institute of Technology. He sits on the board of the Food and Beverage Association of America and Hospitality Finance Technology Professional Association and is a Senior Consultant with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers School of Business.

Ethan Scarlett, with Boxhound LLC TV & Media

Ethan Scarlett, with Boxhound LLC TV & Media

Ethan Scarlett, believes “Success is determined by how many lives are better off because of you lived.” An entrepreneur from Burlington, NJ, and Rutgers University-Camden alumnus, majored in Business Management in 2018. For many years, he has chosen to use his voice, to positively impact people every single day. From podcasting and other media ventures, the ultimate goal has been to help others overcome individual struggles and limitations that keep them from living a truly fulfilling and meaningful life.

Kristen Turner, Buyer at Burlington

Kristen Turner, Buyer at Burlington

Kristen Turner is a buyer in the Intimate Apparel division at Burlington Stores. She began her career in 2016 as an assistant buyer in the division, working her way up to the role of buyer in the shapewear and scrubs departments. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. Prior to her career at Burlington, Kristen worked multiple internships and part-time positions within the fashion and retail industries.

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