Founded in 1966 by Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling, Mu Kappa Tau is recognized as the national marketing honor society. Mu Kappa Tau draws together dynamic students, educators and professionals who share high aspirations, mutual interest, and dedication to the marketing field. Mu Kappa Tau invites as members those who have attained academic excellence and/or have made significant contributions to marketing education or the profession.

Eligibility Requirements

Mu Kappa Tau Seal

Similar to most honor societies, membership in Mu Kappa Tau is by invitation from the School of Business marketing faculty. Mu Kappa Tau membership at Rutgers University-Camden is limited to students, majoring or concentrating in Marketing, who meet exceptional academic requirements. Membership invitations are considered for undergraduate Marketing majors with 90 or more credits and MBA Marketing concentrators with 30 or more credits. Invitations are extended to students who have achieved an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 on a 4.00 scale, a ranking in the top 20% of their class, and outstanding academic achievement in Marketing as determined by the faculty.

Membership Fee

Mu Kappa Tau is a non-profit organization requiring a one-time membership fee. The $40 fee entitles members to life membership in Mu Kappa Tau.

Invitations to Join and Initiation in Mu Kappa Tau

Invitations are extended during the Spring semester. Students who accept the invitation are inducted into Mu Kappa Tau at the Spring Honors Ceremony, hosted by the School of Business-Camden in April. At that time, each Mu Kappa Tau member will be presented with a Certificate of Membership as well as an Honor Cord. This Cord should be worn at graduation to indicate high academic achievement and membership in Mu Kappa Tau. Upon induction through the School of Business ceremony, individuals become official members of the national chapter of Mu Kappa Tau.

Privileges of Membership

  • The opportunity to feature Mu Kappa Tau membership on your résumé to reflect academic achievement and dedication to the profession of Marketing
  • Both local and national recognition
  • Initiation as a Mu Kappa Tau member
  • Personalized Mu Kappa Tau Membership Certificate
  • Gold Key Membership Pin and Honor cord worn at graduation
  • Academic leadership status among Marketing students
  • A standing invitation to attend Mu Kappa Tau’s Annual Business Meeting and National Sales and Marketing convention


For more information about Mu Kappa Tau at Rutgers School of Business—Camden, contact:

Dr. Robert Schindler, Acting Faculty Advisor
Rutgers University-SBC
227 Penn Street, Rm. 253
Camden, NJ 08102-1656
(856) 701-5111

For more information about Mu Kappa Tau, the national honor society, contact:
Mu Kappa Tau
National Marketing Honor Society
3747 S. Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 328-1952
(414) 328-1953 (Fax)