Age: 21

Rutgers Grad Year: 2020

Major: Accounting

High School: LEAP Academy



1. Tre’von, you came here from LEAP Academy, just down the road. Why did you choose to stay local and attend Rutgers – Camden School of Business?

I chose to stay nearby to attend Rutgers Camden because I attended a summer program called ‘Aim High’ in my junior year and I found that it was really nice on campus. It was also low cost which made it easy to imagine graduating college with very little debt.


2. What originally made you choose Accounting as your major?

I originally chose accounting because my mom majored in it before dropping out of college to take care of us (her kids). Beyond this, I found business in general to be easy to grasp as a concept and ran with accounting since it came naturally to me.


3. Have you been involved on-campus outside of the classroom?

Yes, over my collegiate career I have been involved in multiple clubs on-campus. I first joined NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) for my professional development, along with networking skills. MCU (Men of Color United) is a club in which men of color on-campus have candid discussions about what it’s like to be a man of color today and how we can help each other moving forward. The MCU also organizes volunteer events such as helping out at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. XAE is an honors society for first generation college students and we help in the surrounding communities with volunteer events such as reading to small children and supporting local food drives. I have also been involved in clubs that assisted the learning center’s program (like EOF and TRIO) named SSS (Student Success Squad) and SAB (Student Advisory Board).


4. That’s great that you’ve been involved.  What has been a benefit of networking around campus?

Networking around campus has allowed me to meet many people that have assisted me professionally towards a career. By going to the Career Center, I was able to attend a workshop for my current internship at PWC and network with the recruiter. After this meeting, and my application, I was able to earn my internship. Gaining these connections have allowed me to attend a number of conferences for free and speak with professors/professionals that gave me advice for my future in corporate America.


5. So to be clear you’ve had not one, not two, but THREE internships, correct? Pretty impressive.  What was an important takeaway from those experiences?

One take away was the ability to open my mind and have the willingness to learn.  Since learning in the classroom and in the field are a bit different, being willing to do the tasks no one else wants to do is important.  Everything can be a learning experience when you are working.  Take the initiative when doing tasks and do them to the best of your ability. Always be ready to put your best foot forward when working with others in the office.


6. We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed your time here and excited that you’re getting work experience with a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm. Is there a favorite class of yours that you feel has prepared you well for the future?

Business Communications was my favorite class since it allowed me to improve my professional writing skill set. Preparing for presentations and having a mandatory ‘business attire’ dress code, allowed me to improve my public speaking.


7. What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current LEAP Academy senior class?

Be vigilant about the things that are important to you. Whether it is your school work, self-care, or something else, make sure you are taking care of what you need the most to minimize your stress.