Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the Rutgers School of Business–Camden! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why we should be “Your School of Choice.”

Academic Excellence. The undergraduate education at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden prepares you for a lot more than your professional career: it is training for success in your life. Whether you are investing money, working on a marketing plan, learning effective ways to manage enterprise and people, or engaging for an audit, success requires the ability to think through situations, analyze and summarize data, and make informed decisions. I am confident that you will enjoy the journey of attaining knowledge and acquiring skills with our innovative curriculum and world-class faculty.

Global Integration. We are known for our innovative study programs, international faculty, and providing opportunities to participate in global experiences. The International Studies Program offers intensive one-week study trips to South Africa, Brazil, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We are actively recruiting international students who bring diverse culture, traditions and knowledge into the classroom to enrich your educational experience. Experience the world during your stay at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden!

Experiential Learning. Our close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City provides opportunities to experience the business world in two of the largest financial centers in the United States. You will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through our internship program, which places our students in large and small businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The opportunities offered not only add business experience to your résumé, but also move you ahead in your career search even before you graduate from the Rutgers School of Business–Camden.

Personal Touch. Faculty involvement with student organizations and honors programs provides students easy access to faculty and creates an environment where students can learn from their professors in and out of the classroom. We offer a variety of student organizations and honor societies through which students can supplement classroom learning, create professional contacts, and socialize with peers. Experience leadership positions and hone your skills during your study at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden.

Best of luck!

Dr. Rong Ma
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Associate Professor of International Business