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Dual Degree Bachelor/Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (BS/MSBA)

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Accelerate Your Entry to the Business World

For ambitious students with a strong focus on their career goals, the Rutgers School of Business–Camden Accelerated Dual-Degree Bachelor/Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) Program represents the ultimate opportunity to accelerate your MSBA in conjunction with the completion of your undergraduate degree.

Why Choose Rutgers School of Business–Camden BS/Online MSBA?

  • Accomplished Faculty —Dual degree courses are taught by the acclaimed Rutgers Faculty as well as industry professionals
  • Cost Savings —Bachelor/Online MSBA students receive a reduction in graduate school costs
  • Head Start —Graduate-level MSBA courses begin during your Senior year
  • Flexible Schedule —100% online courses allow time for jobs and internships

Dual Degree Candidate Expectations

Essential Skills for the Digital World

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden Accelerated Bachelor/Online MSBA Dual-Degree Program is a rigorous, career-focused program designed for goal-driven students. It expedites your graduate degree by starting graduate-level Online MSBA courses in what would traditionally be your senior year. Students apply for the program in the second semester of their junior year. Early academic advising and planning are the keys to success.

Bachelor/Online MSBA Dual Degree Eligibility

STEP 1: Review Qualifications for Dual-Degree Program

Eligible Applicants must:

  • Be a matriculating RSBC undergraduate student pursuing a BS degree in Accounting, Finance, Management, or Marketing or a BBA degree.
  • Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 at the point of application and through degree completion.
  • Complete at least two Statistics courses with a grade of B or better.
  • Apply approximately between completion of 90-105 credits (ideally by the end of the junior year).
  • Maintain full-time undergraduate status during their senior year.
  • On-Campus BS majors and Off-Campus BBA students must maintain full time undergraduate status throughout their senior dual degree year with at least 9 undergraduate credits and 3 graduate credits included.
  • Online BBA students must be enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate credits and 3 graduate credits during each term of the senior dual degree year.

STEP 2: Attend a REQUIRED Dual Degree Information Session Offered by RSBC Graduate Programs.
*Watch the recorded video of the
Program Overview or sign up for the virtual information session below:

STEP 3: Apply for Dual-Degree Program (must have 75+ credits earned & a Rutgers GPA)

Submit Online Application and Supporting Documents by Deadline:

  • Fall Application Deadline: June 1st (priority deadline); August 20th (students enrolled in summer session)
  • Spring Application Deadline: December 1st (priority deadline); January 15th (students enrolled in winter session)

Supporting Documentation:

  • Dual-Degree BS(BA)/MSBA Program Pre-Application Form (Below)
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Worksheet (signed by RSBC undergraduate advisor)
  • Unofficial non-Rutgers transcripts (or Transfer Summary Report, as applicable)
  • Current Résumé

NOTE:  Admission to the MSBA program is NOT GUARANTEED by pre-admission through the Dual Degree Program.

To apply, please submit the following form and attach your curriculum worksheet, your resume, and transcripts.
  • Max. file size: 25 MB.
  • Max. file size: 25 MB.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 25 MB.

    Ready to get started?

    Visit RaptorConnect to make an appointment with your advisor.

    Interested in a Dual Degree?

    Contact your RSBC Academic Advisor to express your interest in the program.

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    BLDP Executive Shadowing Application v2

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    "*" indicates required fields

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    Student Information



    Preferred Work Environment
    Preferred Area of Work*


    If I am chosen and matched with an executive, I will follow through and prepare a one-page report giving honest feedback about the experience. The written summary is due by the start of the next semester. By typing my name in the box to the right I am offering my digital signature in lieu of my handwritten signature.

    After the shadowing event, I will write a personal thank you letter to the executive and copy Dr. Kaufman-Scarborough and Ms. Bridget Britton for their records. By typing my name in the box to the right I am offering my digital signature in lieu of my handwritten signature.

    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    After notified of a match, students are responsible for providing personal information to the matched executive (e.g., current resume and cover letter with information on career ambitions). The information on this application is for internal use only, for us to match you as well as possible with and executive from among our alumni database.

    BLDP Application

    The Spring 2023 Application is now open! 

    Priority will be given to applications received by November 18. Applications are accepted until all seats are filled. Space is limited, so apply early!

    The seminar application process is our gateway for entry into the program. Upon acceptance into BLDP, students will be emailed their acceptance letter plus a special permission number allowing registration for the BLDP seminar.


    Seminar applications are solicited each semester and require the following:

    1. Completed application form (at the bottom of this page),
    2. For students with GPA 3.0 – 3.49, two (2) letters of recommendation (one academic; one other)

    Rutgers-Camden students are invited to apply to apply for enrollment in the BLDP seminar. All applicants are expected to meet both of the following selection criteria:  (1) have sophomore standing or above and (2) have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. First-semester transfer students will be evaluated based on their GPA earned at Rutgers. Students who fail to meet these admission criteria may still be allowed to apply for (and possibly enroll in) the BLDP seminar, but they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    The director balances evaluations to make final decisions on people accepted for the seminar (up to a maximum of 15-20 each semester).

    Students who are admitted to the BDLP are required to adopt the BLDP Code of Conduct. A signed contract is required from each student.

    Students may count activities toward “leadership units” that were initiated prior to taking a seminar, as long as those activities occured primarily during their enrollment in their academic program.

    Application for Admission to BLDP Seminar

    Applications for the BLDP Seminar will be ongoing until class is filled.

    BLDP Program Application

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    • Contact Information

    • Academic Information

    • Please enter a number from 0 to 500.
    • Transfer students only.
    • Employment Information

    • List relevant employment history

    • EmployerPositionDates of Employment 
    • School Leadership Information

    • Provide evidence of leadership initiative while enrolled in school by listing all school-based organizations and activities in which you have held a leadership role while a student.

    • OrganizationRoleDates 
    • Community Leadership Information

    • Provide a list of community or volunteer activities in which you engaged in a leadership role.

    • OrganizationRoleDates of Activity 
    • Statement

    • In your own words (100-350), discuss the reasons why your application should be considered for the Business Leader Development Program, including what you hope to gain from the program and what you can contribute.

    • Additional Submission Instructions

    • If you need to submit two reference letters, please email them to ldrshp@camden.rutgers.edu. Ideally, you should receive one letter from an academic source (e.g., a former or current instructor), and one from a business source (e.g., a former employer - even if for a part-time or volunteer position).

      Please only submit one application. If you experience any technical problems or need to submit the application again, please contact ldrshp@camden.rutgers.edu.

      Thank you.

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