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The RSBC Internship

How is the RSBC internship experience structured?

  • In basic terms, an internship is a temporary job placement. Generally, RSBC students intern for 3.5-4 months. Internships can take place during the fall or spring semester or over the summer.
  • RSBC works with local (and some not-so-local) organizations to secure internship spots for our students. We post those opportunities on our website and interested students apply, as per the instructions in the posting.
  • To earn course credit for an internship, a minimum of 120 hours must be completed at the organization. At the completion of the internship, your supervisor will write a review of your work which will count toward the final course grade.
  • In addition to the supervisor’s review, students will also submit written assignments at assigned intervals throughout the semester. These assignments illustrate the intern’s knowledge of the company’s mission, goals, and culture, and ask the intern to critique the internship experience.
  • All RSBC students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship during their undergraduate study. We find internships to be most useful for advanced students with several major-related courses completed. (Typically, students in their junior or senior year of study.)


To apply for admission into the Internship Program

  • Make an appointment to meet Dr. Emel Kahya, School of Business Internship Coordinator. Dr. Kahya can be reached at (856) 225-6724, and is located in Room 441 of the Business and Science Building (office hours are posted on the door).
  • Check out Rutgers Camden Career Center and follow @RSBCInternships on Twitter for internship leads. Be ready to discuss possible internships with Dr. Kahya at your initial program interview.
  • The initial program interview is an important process to ready you for a career-relevant internship. Treat this interview professionally as you would a job interview and come prepared with a complete resume.


Do you know someone who works for a company that you would like to work for? Reach out to them and discuss the possibility of interning there! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!!