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Our Internship Program

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden (RSBC) Internship Program offers qualified students an opportunity to gain professional employment experience that complements their academic background in business. The Internship Program is designed to supplement the academic program by giving students a “real world” employment experience prior to graduation.

Internships offer:

  • The opportunity to learn the practical application of their area of study
  • A good source for building a professional network
  • Exposure to applicable theories being used in the business world
  • Academic credit towards graduation requirements
  • Increased confidence, maturity, and responsibility
  • An excellent way to build a resume



To view information on what an internship is, how to obtain an internship, or how to acquire credit for an internship, visit The RSBC Internship page.



Jaclyn Bradley-McFarlane, Internship Coordinator
Rutgers School of Business–Camden
227 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102
Phone: (856) 225-6494