Nomination Information for the RSBC Commencement Undergraduate Student Speaker for the Class of 2020

The Undergraduate Student Speaker Selection Committee, made up of Rutgers School of Business-Camden faculty and staff, will review all draft speech submissions. Once finalists are identified by the Selection Committee, candidates will be asked to make a speech (audition) to the Committee.

The Selection Committee will review all finalist submission packages and will select the chosen speakers for the following events:

  • One student will be selected to speak at the Honors Ceremony on April 2, 2020 at 5:00 pm
  • One student will be selected to speak at the Commencement Ceremony on May 21, 2020 at 2:00 pm

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated, in addition to academic excellence, qualities in professionalism, civic engagement, and leadership during their studies at the School of Business-Camden and ideally campus-wide.

Please review the Commencement Student Speaker Selection Process before reaching out to RSBC faculty and staff for nominations!

Nominations by Faculty and Staff

To nominate a student, School of Business-Camden faculty and/or staff must submit the Commencement Student Speaker Nomination Form, which can be found below.

Students cannot self-nominate. An interested student may discuss his/her intent with RSBC faculty and/or staff.

To be eligible for a nomination, a student must be nominated by two (2) School of Business-Camden faculty and/or staff of which at least one (1) faculty nomination is required.

Note: A nomination does not ensure acceptance.


  • Nominations from RSBC Faculty and Staff are due March 1 
  • Semi-Finalists will be asked to submit a draft speech by March 6 
  • Finalists will be contacted for auditions; auditions will occur March 27
  • Announcement of Commencement Student Speakers will shortly follow the auditions
  • Rehearsal(s) times/information will be sent to speakers
  • RSBC Honors Ceremony will be held on April 2
  • RSBC Commencement Ceremony will be held on and May 21

Since the Commencement ceremony is a celebration of student achievement and accomplishments of our graduating class, Commencement Speakers should have the ability to give a positive, meaningful and inspirational address to the graduating class and their families. Therefore, nominees should be skilled public speakers.

Note: A nomination does not ensure acceptance.

Commencement Student Speaker Nomination Form

To nominate a Class of 2020 graduating student to be a Commencement Student Speaker, please provide all of the information in the form below.

  • Nominator's Information

  • Your Nominee's Information

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, March 1 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Administrative Assistant Kathryn Stewart at or call 856.225.6216.

Thank you for your nomination!