E-Commerce and Information Technology (623)

52:623:302 IT and Project Management (3)
Information technology (IT) is a valuable resource needed to achieve the strategic goals of an organization. This course helps managers identify strategic objectives and manage projects that are important for information technology and e-commerce. Case studies and other assignments will support key concepts and ideal business practices while teaching how to balance critical organizational objectives.
Prerequisite: 52:135:201.

52:623:335 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
Analysis and design of information systems in organizations. Course includes the traditional life cycle approach and rapid application development used for designing information systems and applications. Emphasis on determining information requirements for development of e-commerce for both traditional and web-based businesses.
Prerequisite: 52:135:201.

52:623:336 Decision Support and Analytics (3)
Management Information Systems course analyzes the problem-solving style of decision makers in business. Emphasizes analyzing and designing computer-based interactive decision support systems that aid decision makers in solving semi-structured problems.
Prerequisite: 52:135:201.

52:623:343 Emerging IT (3)
Information technologies are often introduced into organizations without proper managerial support. This course examines many emerging information technologies and demonstrates how to successfully introduce these new technologies into organizations.
Prerequisite: 52:135:201.

52:623:400 Management of Information Technology (3)
Examines the processes that underlie the management of information technology, and the role of information technology to support the mission of the organization.
Prerequisite: 52:623:302 or 334.

52:623:445 Global Issues in E-Commerce Technology (3)
This international course in the e-commerce program serves to integrate all the strategic aspects of e-commerce. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce explored through cases involving organizations whose e-commerce sites are evolving or those that have succeeded or failed.
Prerequisite: 52:623:302.

52:623:447 Database Management (3)
Examines the fundamentals of database management, relational database theory, and practice in the business world. Concepts include data integrity, queries, and data warehousing. The value of these concepts in traditional business and e-commerce is explored.
Prerequisite: 52:623:302.

52:623:487 Independent Study in MIS (3)
Individual study for students in the E-commerce and Information Technology specialization. Study takes place under the supervision of an MIS faculty member on a specified research topic to expand and strengthen the student’s educational experience.
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

52:623:491 Special Topics in Management Information Systems (3)
Designed to integrate course materials, introduce newer philosophies and techniques in management information systems (MIS), and apply them to selected problems. Extensive readings and research reports required. Topics vary from semester to semester. Taught by an e-commerce and information technology faculty member.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

52:623:497 E-Commerce and Information Technology Internship (3)
A structured, practical program conducted by a business in cooperation with the School of Business-Camden. Prerequisites: Cumulative grade-point average of 3.0; permission of internship director.