The Curriculum Worksheet is the primary tool used to guide students through their studies. Students are encouraged to regularly meet with the Academic Services staff to monitor their progress and to develop an effective graduation plan.

Bachelor of Science Business Majors

Major Admitted
Fall ’14-
Spring ’16
Fall ’16-
Spring ’18

Fall ’17-
Spring ’20

Admitted Fall ’20- Spring ’22

Accounting (010) PDF PDF  PDF PDF
Accounting & Finance Double Major PDF PDF    
Finance (390) PDF PDF  PDF PDF
Finance – Financial Analyst Concentration PDF PDF    
Management (620) PDF PDF  PDF PDF
Marketing (630) PDF PDF  PDF PDF
Management & Marketing Double Major PDF      

Students enrolled in an RSBC major may choose to pursue a minor course of study (9 additional credits), in a different subject area, to complement their selected major. Minors may be selected from the following subject areas:

  • Accounting (010)
  • Finance (390)
  • Human Resource Management (533)
  • Leadership Studies (609)
  • Management Information Systems (623)
  • Management (620)
  • Marketing (630)

Business Minor Completion Form for business majors (PDF)

Business Minors for Non-Business Students

Minor File
Accounting (010) PDF
Business Administration (135) PDF
Finance (390) PDF
Human Resource Management (533) PDF
International Business (620) PDF
Management (620) PDF
Marketing (630) PDF
MIS/Ecommerce (623) PDF